Sunday, 10 August 2014


So what happened to 'the inexorable march of time'? Has it stopped, or just slowed right down?

Why are we still living in this house-with-the-outside-water-closet and not in our own house?

Today is Settlement Day! Today it will belong to us.
But we still can't move in for a few more days ...

Spring Arrives Regardless

Ignoring the general slowness of time right now ... Spring seems to be on its way.

Our back yard here is incapable of producing grass with patches of moss on the hard-packed gravel-and-clay surface being the only green in evidence. The front 'lawn' patch however has sprouted a marvellous display of wildflowers/weeds. Quite pretty, it is, really.

Because of the dry climate in these parts, most people (and the council) have given up trying to grow grass on the verges and, like our back yard, they are hard-packed gravel.

However it has been raining a fair bit lately, and you just can't stop the weeds - sorry, wildflowers - even here. Our neighbours have a lovely crop along their fence-line.

Even the power-poles are beginning to feel excited about the coming spring!

Just three more days ... come on Time, move along there!

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