Saturday, 16 August 2014

In the 'Big Blue House' at last

After what seemed like the longest month of waiting, finally it was time to move into our new house. We were very excited, having not owned a house for the last ten years or so.

So here it is - home at last! Verandahs all the way around - that was what attracted us to it at first.

The yard is a little unkempt - but full of Spring flowers.

And out the back there is a big blue shed (powered workshop), a 'granny-flat', lots of vege garden area (uncared for up till now) and a large open deck area. The missing corner of the deck is designed to take a spa.

Settling in 
 Peter has obviously been itching to start digging in the garden. So far his only tool is a tiny trowel - we'll get him some more bigger tools soon!


We were buying furniture, and we saw this item. Looks like it was made for us. It came in a great big box.

It's a Peter Pod!  Commonly called an 'egg chair' - you can see why.

Comfy? Oh yeahhhhh! Great  place to hang out on our deck.

Go away now. I'm comfortable and I've got a book to read and no pressure to do anything else. Ahhh.

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