Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The Grass is Always Green

And not necessarily greener on the other side! The "grass" is definitely permanently green in our yard.

Now that the weeds and excess soil has been removed, the edging has all been laid and cemented in (and there was way more work involved in that than anyone suspected!), the grey "crusher dust" has been laid, smoothed, and compacted ... it's time to start laying the grass!

The day started stormy and windy, so everything was off to a disappointingly slow start. But at last they arrived with a roll of turf that looked very much like a missile waiting to be launched.

That roll is very very very heavy, and it took some very careful maneuvering to get the thing off the truck.

 And then they cleared an area to stretch it out and measure off a section - with help from Thomas, of course.

The turf has to be brushed before it starts to look like real grass. (What is it with cats and kids and moving objects?)

Just testing. There's obviously still lots to be done!

Final preparations on the back area.

Yep. It's a whole lot trickier than laying carpet.

Oh, and the fig tree is new too. Peter is just having his morning chat with his fruit trees ... :)

More yet

And, no, it's not all done yet. That was one huge, heavy roll and it did not contain all the turf that we needed. But it's good to have made a start.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Backyard Blitz - Day 1

So the time has come to get rid of all the weeds and rogue grasses, and put in artificial turf - because that's what grows best here in Northam.

Peter spent all week removing blocks, bricks, garden edgings, pavers etc around the back yard.

The day started off bright and sunny - we had our breakfast outside on the deck - then the clouds rolled in, and the rain started.

Fortunately our chaps were prepared for all types of weather. Adrian has all the gear (the 'Dingo', and compacter) and the skills we need.

Firstly to get the 'Dingo' up onto the area where it's needed.

 Easy now ... well, he certainly looks the part.

All of this has to go.

Making a start!

Choosing which type of turf to lay later - the plain bright green, of the one with little built-in faults and yellow bits!

Woopsee! That wasn't meant to happen.

Setting it right, and getting back to work.

Daylight is fading - it's been alternating rain and sunny all day - and we are ready to lay the crusher dust.

It's beginning to look a bit less messy.

Ummm, something interesting showed up in the digging - must be from next door. (It's a bong, if you've never seen one.)

So ... what have the kids been up to all day?

 They've been busy!

Even Thomas! (Kids these days, ay?!)

Back yard under control, next the front yard.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

FIFO pets

Everyone around here knows that FIFO stands for "Fly-In-Fly-Out", because a lot of people live here and are FIFO workers elsewhere.

Well we have some FIFO pets! They live a block away on the river, but they fly in to visit us frequently!

 Apparently the pile of 'crusher dust' (to lay under our artificial turf when we get it) did not phase them at all.

They were headed straight for the back door - where the food and water-bowl appears from.

Off to inspect the rest of the place!

Nothing quite like a bit of freshly dug earth for some bugs for dessert!

And then they fly out, and come back later!